Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still searching

For some time I've been searching for a local organic farm where I can buy fresh produce. Today I journeyed out to Franklin to check one out that seemed promising. And yet again I was disappointed. They have organic goat, lamb, beef and pig, but very little produce. Those of you who know me, know that I will not eat lamb or veal. I just can't stand the thought of eating those sweet baby animals. I can't even stomach the thought of eating the grown-up versions if I let my mind dwell on it at all, which is why I go through intermittent bouts of vegetarianism. And goat just does not sound appetizing in the least! So it was pretty much a waste for me. But I did manage to get some good photographs...of all the sweet animals before the get eaten! Yikes. And some of the produce and landscape as well. That makes the getting lost and sweating my socks off almost worthwhile. But come on! What does a girl have to do to find fresh veggies in this town?

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