Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Commencing countdown to 1945. As closely as I can tell, that was just before TV became commercially broadcast in the US. As the hour draws close to pull the plug (cue ominous music) I am realizing more and more just how addicted I am to the thing! I found myself thinking about how I was going to miss House or other characters as if they were real people in my life and not actors in a show. Maybe I've substituted their presence for the company of real live humans in my days. They can be easier to deal with and their drama doesn't affect me, so that has always been a plus in my book. I've always hated drama and done all I could to avoid it, including (i think) becoming a little distant and disconnected from those around me.

Real live humans are messy. But that's life. Messy, dirty and hard at times, but wonderful nonetheless. Here's to being more in the mess and more in the moment, and more connected in real life...drama and all!

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