Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beware of Monday

After our wonderful adventure last week with experiencing Nashville as a tourist, we decided we would make this Monday part two of the adventure and check out some of those places we'd passed by on our last trek. It was a good thought, but didn't work as well as we'd hoped.

It all started with the parking delema. We were trying to be economical so we didn't want to pay $15 for a spot to leave the car, while at the same time not parking so far that we would roast in the sweltering summer heat. (I never realized what a parking nightmare Nashville is!) Enter idea number one. Let's park at the Library. I have a couple books I need to return anyway so we can get our ticket validated and go on to our tourist activities. Nice idea right? Well, guess what? The library is not open on Monday, so no dropping off the books and no validating of tickets. OK, we shake it off. It's still the cheapest parking around so we'll leave it there and head out to the TN State Museum under TPAC. Guess what? The museum is not open on Monday! We did not do very thorough research. Oh well! Shake it off. What about the War Memorial Museum? Nope! It's closed too. Apparently Monday was not a good choice of days. Perhaps everyone in Nashville needs Mondays to recoup from the weekends of all night honky tonkin'?

At last, we find one site open- the State Capitol. It is a very impressive building, the tour is free and the big bonus...very cool inside! Jackpot! Did you know there are two people buried in the building? I think that's kind of creepy, but no worries. The grounds are beautiful too with a great statue of Andrew Jackson on horseback. So the day was not a total loss. And after getting home and fixing dinner, we had some cool lemon sorbet. Nothing better after a day of sweating it out like a Nashville tourist in June! If you want to check out Nashville's sites I have one word of caution, "Beware of Mondays!".

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