Sunday, June 13, 2010


Life is such a series of choices, from the small and mundane to the life-changing variety. Take this morning, I had to choose between the chocolate doughnuts on the counter or making a fresh fruit smoothie-mundane but important. Many small choices in this department determine how I feel, look and function in the future. I dodged the doughnuts and went for the smoothie. Good choice!

Then there are the choices I've been struggling to make over the past several weeks regarding my future employment. These are of the scary, life-changing variety. At times we are limited by the feeling we have few options and at other times, we are perplexed by the myriad of choices that seem to tower before us. This is the state in which I find myself at the moment. You see, when my job suddenly disappeared I did what most people would do. I started looking for a new one which involved putting out resumes and quite a few places. I've always heard you have to spread a wide net to catch that one fish. Well, it turns out my net is bursting with fish and it's very hard to determine which fish is the best to fry. Don't get me wrong. I'd much rather have many options to choose from than being forced to take whatever comes along. I just hope I have the insight and wisdom to make the choice that will be the very best for my future.

So here's to choices and the wisdom to make the right ones. Wow, this smoothie is good!

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