Monday, June 7, 2010

Incredible City

I just want to to say what a truly incredible city Nashville is! I am not a native Nashville-ite, but I have lived here for thirteen years, yet today a saw the city like a tourist. And you know's a pretty awesome place. We went down to the Frist to see the Chihuly Exhibit and the glass-blowing demonstration this morning. It turned out they were having problems with the propane tanks to run the furnaces, so the demo was postponed. We were a little disappointed, but decided to take the opportunity of a beautiful day and stroll around the city taking pictures. I cannot tell you how wonderfully friendly everyone was! From the guy selling Italian ice, to the hot dog vendor,  to the doorman at the Hermitage Hotel, (who didn't think we were strange asking to see the men's room-which the hot dog guy told us we had to see. But that's another story for another time!) everyone was so kind and helpful. They did think we were tourists because of the constant picture taking, but they were super friendly none-the-less. Add to the great people the picture perfect weather, inspiring architecture and some great food (we had Greek for lunch) and you can't help but realize this place is pretty unique. Then after playing at being tourists and walking all over downtown, we headed back to the museum, took the docent tour, saw the rest of the Chihuly Exhibit and then finally the glass-blowing demonstration. I couldn't have asked for a better day if I had been out of town on vacation. Thanks rock! (pictures to follow tomorrow)

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