Wednesday, June 9, 2010

men's room and other sites to see

On an impromptu walking tour of Nashville Monday, we were told by the hot dog vendor across the street from the Hermitage Hotel that we absolutely HAD to see the men's room. He assured us the doorman would not try to throw us out based on this request. Now, I have at least once or twice, walked into a men's restroom by accident and it was not a comfortable place to be for a lady. So the thought of walking into one on purpose seemed more than a little strange, but it was a day built for adventure so we threw caution to the wind. Me to the doorman, "This is a really strange question, but can we see the men's restroom?" He laughed and said it wasn't strange at all and showed us the way. The hostess at the restaurant knocked on the door to make sure the coast was clear. A gentleman came out and seemed quite amused that we wanted to see it, so he offered to give us the grand tour. It was a very cool, art deco room looking like something straight out of a 1920's movie, complete with shoe shine stand. Who knew?!

Who knew Nashville had so many cool and unusual places? Like the old time barber shop that just opened up, complete with antique barber chairs and straight razor hot shaves. Or all the wonderful murals painted on sides of random buildings. Or the War Memorial Plaza with all sorts of wonderful sculptures in bronze. Or the museum with fossils found in TN. Or the cupcake shop at the Arcade. Not to mention the art galleries on the top floor of the Arcade and all the wonderful little places to eat.

As we finished the afternoon, we jotted down a list of all the places we wanted to go back and see and the things we wanted to do. We found it can be great fun to be a tourist in your own hometown. Try it some time! I bet you'll see things you never knew were there the men's room at the Hermitage Hotel.

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