Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chasing clouds

Today as I was leaving a friend's house, the sky broke open and the rain poured down. About 5 miles from home, it cleared and the sun was bursting through the clouds in glorious rays. I was sadly without my camera, so I rushed home, grabbed my equipment and jumped back in the car. My plan was to drive up the country road by our house until I could find a nice unobstructed view of the clouds to shoot. As I drove and shot and drove some more, I became so absorbed by the light and the scenery. The rays of late afternoon sun touched everything with a golden glow making even an ordinary field of hay bales seem almost magical. Driving with the window down, the smells of fresh mown grass and honeysuckle played on my senses, as did the warm, moist spring air. Each curve of the road enticed me to go further for glimpses of wildflowers, an unexpected flash of a red barn, a goat playing in a yard, rolling waves of grass meeting a sweet white farmhouse and above it all a glorious sky. It was all so lovely and sparked in me a yearning for some simplicity of life that I often lack. A simple way of living closer to what is important and less cluttered-less cluttered by things and by constant doing and worry. So I guess sometimes chasing clouds can really bring you down to an incredible way.

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  1. Excatly! I so often feel these exact things as I putter down my one lane country roads. The scent of mown grass and honeysuckle on evening air is one the finest odors to be experienced. Your last line is quote worthy. May I borrow it and quote you?