Monday, May 3, 2010


This has been a wild weekend with emotions swinging from despair to elation and back again. The rains came down, and came down, and came down some more. I was so thankful that my friends and family were safe and none of us had been seriously harmed or displaced from our homes. Only to wake up this morning to find my job is under about 10 feet of water. I've heard estimates of 3 months to Christmas time for reopening and none of that gives me the warm fuzzies. I know the news likes to dramatize things, but what if they are right? I don't have the means to go 3-6 months without a job. I have no idea how to be unemployed. I've worked since I was 14. It's just not a word in my vocabulary.

I'm trying not to let myself panic or assume the worst. I keep telling myself perhaps this will be the catalyst for me to find something better and more fulfilling, allowing me to move more towards what my heart has been seeking. I've got to keep myself positively focused so that I can attract what I desire and not what I fear. Right? Focus on the good, on the possibilities, on the doors that might be opened, on the strength that this will build in me. Only if I keep myself focused on the positive, can I be of any help to myself or others. So I'm looking for the silver lining to this dark cloud. How can I grow, how can I help, how can I move forward to end up better than when I started?

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