Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flood day 3

Yesterday I went down to one of our small communities that was hard hit by the flood. There were a bunch of people gathering to help neighbors, no red cross or other organization like that. We helped three different families to clean up and return furniture to dry parts of their houses etc...It felt really good to be doing something. I have to admit that helping is really doing so much more for me than anyone else. I know if I were sitting at home I would be going crazy worrying about not having a job and how I'm going to survive. And it's not that I'm not trying to come up with ideas and a plan. I sat down with a friend last night and brainstormed and we came up with good solid things to do. But right now people need help and right now I need to be helping. I need to move, and do, and channel my energy to something positive, and to feel like I have a purpose! It makes me feel stronger and more in control instead of defeated and controlled by the circumstances.

Tomorrow we are getting the spa people together at Annie's house. We miss each other. I told Annie I felt like we have not only lost our jobs, but our families as well. The people I work with are like another family to me and I'm determined to keep them close. Hopefully we can cheer each other, support each other and brainstorm on ways to get through this.

The sun is shining, sky is blue and you would never know there was anything wrong in the world at this moment! Soak it in and just be.

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