Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Present attitude

"Happiness is a present attitude - not a future condition."
-Hugh Prather

I love this quote. I think I already wrote something about this recently, but it keeps coming back to my attention so it must be something I need to focus on or explore more. The only place you can be happy is in the now. Not tomorrow or yesterday, but in your life now. In the midst of the dirty laundry and the phone ringing and the kids crying. Or in the midst of a beautiful sunny day sitting in  the park watching your kids laugh and play. There has to be something in each moment we can be grateful for. Do I have my health? If so, I am grateful. Did I eat good food today ? I am grateful. Did I have a job to go to today? Grateful. Did I have a car to get me around where I needed to go, people in my life who love me, a warm safe place to lay my head at night? Grateful, grateful, grateful! Please don't let me take these "ordinary" blessing for granted. Don't let me take this extremely blessed life I lead for granted. Let me be thankful in every moment for at least some small thing. Then I will experience happiness as a present condition and not some vague future possibility.

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