Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rough week

It's been kind of a rough week at work. The team has been going through some things that I really don't like to deal with. As I drove home, my hunched-over-the-steering-wheel posture clued me into the fact that I am having trouble leaving my work at work. And one of my very best friends is also going through a briar patch at the moment. And you know what? I have a problem with not being able to make it all better. I guess the mommy in me wants to be able to kiss every boo-boo and make it disappear. And when I can't, when it's too big or too deep or just plain out of my control, I don't like it. Not one little bit! I was born to take care of people and to nurture people. It's simply who I am. When I can't fulfill that role, it really sucks for me. So I need to find ways to let that all go and to realize I am not the fixer of every problem. My care does not take away every pain, like I would want it too. I have to be satisfied with doing my best and leaving the rest to The Spirit. Ah....letting go...sooooooo much easier said than done. :-)

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