Thursday, March 11, 2010


I did not fall into the pit last night. I triumphed over my craving! I am not sure how and it was certainly no thanks to one of my co-workers who was enticing me to go have a burger with him once he heard of my weakness. Why is that? Whey do people like to help you stumble when you are trying to be good? No matter. I didn't go for the burger. I went home and had a banana and some cashew butter. But you want to know what really stinks? Tonight the craving was back even stronger. I all but pulled into the Hardee's, but at the last minute some vestige of my will power took over and I made it home once again without falling into the pit. I just think it stinks that we have to triumph over the same obstacles again and again. Shouldn't once be enough? But then it would just be too easy wouldn't it. So one day at a time we get up and fight the battles before us. Some days they are the same as we faced yesterday and some days there are brand new dragons to slay. And then other days, there are no dragons at all, just blue, clear skies. Ah....I like those days! Perhaps tomorrow will be a smooth-sailing, light as air, feather floating on the breeze, blue-clear-sky day. You think?

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