Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, it happened. I walked in to Target today and was assaulted by the horrendous site of swimwear! Isn't it bad enough we have to suffer through this cold and dreary weather without being reminded of all the warm wonderful sunshine we are not feeling on our suntanned skin?! Cruel, I tell you, just plain cruel. Add to the longing for summer, the ghostly specter of how we will look in those bathing suits, after 4 months of comfort food and depriving our potato bodies of sunlight and I think we have grounds for a lawsuit. Don't you?

But it was a wake-up call to the countdown. I have exactly 33 weeks until I leave for Italy. And I plan to wear a swimsuit on the Italian beaches. If that doesn't put the fire under my buns to get working out, I don't know what will. 33 weeks is a good chunk of time. If I lost only one pound a week I would be feeling pretty terrific by take-off.  So that is my modest goal. Just one little pound per week. I shouldn't  have to do anything radical to reach that goal. Just eat a little healthier, a little lighter and get to the gym or outside to get some activity a few times a week. Easy right? We'll see. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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