Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a process

After my blog last night I had the great idea that I would try to spend one whole day without saying anything negative. So this morning I woke up with that intention. Then the first thing out of my mouth to my son found me falling short already. It was the truth. He asked how I slept. I said not very well, I kept waking up. But how could I have answered in a more positive way. I could have said, "Not great, but despite that I feel well and rested" which was also the truth. Why is it so much easier to blurt out the bad stuff? Maybe it is conditioning. Maybe it is my personality. And I surely don't want to feel like a spin doctor in my own life always having to edit what I say. But I would like to be able to look on the bright side-to see the silver lining instead of the dark cloud. I suppose it's a process just like everything else. Every time I bring my awareness to that intention, the intention to be positive and uplifting, I give it new life.

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