Saturday, February 20, 2010


Goodbyes. I hate them. Especially the ones at airports. Even if I know they are not permanent, they still provoke some sadness in me. Maybe, they just remind me of other times that the hug has been the last I'll ever experience with that person, the last time I'll see them face to face, or hold their hand. Life is always changing. We can't cling to those things that we've left behind, yet at times we still mourn them. Sometimes they still linger in the recesses of our memories and bring us sorrow when something in our present reality shadows them a little to closely. So today I am sad and happy. Happy that this goodbye is not of the permanent variety, not even of the lengthy variety. And sad for all the goodbyes that have been. And perhaps even more so for all the ones that may be in the future.

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