Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Stuff

Goals Inventory

Good Stuff:

Got my website up and running (and it looks awesome if I do say so myself!) check out

Lost 4 pounds...quite a bit more to go, but at least moving the needle in the right direction. Adding much more activity to each day. Tried quite a few new raw recipes-some successful, some not, but I attempted them.

Writing every day. Have missed 4 days on my blog out of 31, but did other writing, so I'm good there.

Taking pics for fun at least 2x per month. Have gotten some really nice images too. I'm happy with that.

Have a great start on my savings account for Italy. Making lots of headway on learning the language. All my flashcards are memorized, need to make more. Getting the pronunciation down pretty decent! those are the things I have accomplished. There are lots that I haven't yet, but the year is still young. What would I do with the rest of the year if I'd already accomplished all my goals? Am working on adjusting my plans and strategies for the rest so that I can do and be all that I desire to do and be in the upcoming year. One month down, eleven to go!

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