Thursday, February 25, 2010


My friend and I took the kids to the zoo on Sunday. Now her whole family is afflicted with a serious stomach bug. I am crossing my fingers and seriously praying that we don't get it. Knock on wood, we all seem to be fine at this point. No barfing at our house yet, and if we are very lucky it will stay that way.

I can handle being sick. I don't like it of course, but I can handle it. Now seeing the little ones sick, that kills me! I would so much rather take it on myself than see them deal with it. Of course, when Riley was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, none of us knew how we would handle it. But being the amazing little girl that she is, she has taken all the struggles in stride and shown us what grace under fire is all about. It is quite incredible and I sometimes marvel at how something so traumatic at first, now seems common and mundane-just another part of our everyday life. I guess we all play with the cards we are dealt. Today I'm hoping that some aces are coming our way!

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