Monday, January 25, 2010


Tess' Adventures in Wonderland, AKA Walmart.

Who knew that a shopping trip to Walmart could be so exhausting? When I stare in envy at the woman rolling by in her nifty motorized shopping cart, I realize I should not have braved Wonderland in my condition. Not only did it feel like it took 3 hours, but I'm sure I'm  buying all kinds of things I absolutely did not need. I actually put in my cart a tuna press/strainer, whatever that is. I feel a little like what I imagine someone with ADD might feel, distracted by any new and interesting thing around the next corner. Wait, wasn't I just down this aisle. Oh dear, I can't remember. Wow look, the clearance aisle. And here's the craft aisle and then the office supply aisle. I'm done for now. And what a great time to forget the shopping list! 

Moral of the story...never try to navigate Wonderland when you are sick. It can be a very dangerous place indeed.

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