Wednesday, January 20, 2010

not feeling so hot

So, yesterday I totally neglected my blogging duties due to illness. I'm coming down with some kind of congestion/cough thing...yuck! In fact, my whole family has...we are now officially the phlem family. So yesterday, after I put in a full day at the spa while coughing my fool head off, I headed to Panera for my favorite soup. Since my mom has been gone for over twenty years, it is the closest thing to mom's chicken soup I can get. It is my all-time-must-have-when-sick "thing". I ate my soup, came home, took a hot bath and went to bed. And tonight is going to be a replay of the same, sans soup. It is supposed to be a busy weekend for me, so I'm hoping all the vitamin C will kick my immune system into high gear and get rid of this crud! What do you do when you're sick? What makes you feel better? I'm the kind that likes to be left alone to rest. Some like to be babied and taken care of. It's amazing how we all experience the same things, but relate to them in such a kaleidoscope of different ways. I guess that's what keeps life interesting.

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