Friday, January 29, 2010

snowy night

The snow continues to fall tonight. I think we have at least four inches accumulated on the patio so far. Hooray! Tomorrow will be Nate's first time to play in the snow and we are woefully unprepared. We have no sled, no inner tube and no saucer. I'm hoping we have some mittens for the little guy. He is not a huge fan of the cold. We'll just have to improvise. Riley has played in it a little in the past, but this is the most snowfall this sweet little southern belle has ever seen. I am so looking forward to it! It brings back wonderful memories of all the fun we used to have in Montana. And I'm sure my camera will be going non-stop tomorrow. There are few scenes as beautiful as a snow covered landscape. Even the most mundane neighborhood takes on a magical charm when blanketed in glistening white. Perhaps I can figure out how to add pictures to the blog tomorrow so I can share these moments with anyone who may be tuned in. It's a pity the pictures can't capture that reverent hush snow places over the world. That is probably the most magical part of all. You could always put your hands over your ears while your looking, but I doubt it will have the same charm. :-)

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