Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three

Day Three: Yesterday was a good day. I got some things done that I needed to accomplish. And spent some time planning for the upcoming week. I made raw treats so that I can get my eating on track. (raw almond carob chip cookies and raw fudge brownies) I got containers to organize all my nuts and weird health food stuff, which will please my kids no doubt. You wouldn't think nuts would be a problem, but apparently I have some squirrel tendencies and have taken up a whole shelf in the pantry with my assorted nuts. In my defense, they are a staple in the raw food diet! Heading to Trader Joe's later to get the rest of what I need for the week. This is definitely one of the things I wanted to make time for by cutting out the TV, so I am pleased with my progress for today. Gold star for me!

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