Wednesday, January 6, 2010

educational tv

All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching? ~Nicholas Johnson

Was it teaching me about the things I truly value such as beauty, friendship, love, kindness, joy, sacrifice, sincerity, honesty, and family. Or was it teaching me about violence, hatred, murder, deception, shallowness, greed, evil and the ugly side of life.

What I feed my mind is what I become. Am I feeding it from a bounty of good things? Or I'm I scrounging through the garbage pail for scraps? If "garbage in, garbage out" is true then "good stuff in, good stuff out" should be equally as true. I guess all of you can let me know at the end of the year if there is more good stuff to me than garbage compared to last year.


  1. Congratulations, Tess! There is an enormous difference between knowing something and acting as if you knew it. That quote of mine is all over the Internet, but you are the only one (of whom I am aware) who has decided to act on it.

    Based on what you've written so far I think, if you are unaware of it, you might enjoy a book I wrote (available online for free; out of print) called Test Pattern for Living. (It's a click from my main Web page,

    -- Nicholas Johnson
    Jan. 7, 2009, home (with no spa) in a snow-covered Iowa

  2. Thank you Nicholas. I saw your quote on a website strictly dedicated to quotations, but I'd never read your work. Obviously though, those few words sparked something in me. I am excited to learn and read more of your insights!