Sunday, January 17, 2010

book lover's heaven

Anyone who lives in Nashville and loves to read should know about McKay's used book store. Or maybe they shouldn't. I found out it can be a very dangerous place.

I went there today to trade in some books I'm done with. I went in with twenty books to trade and came out with those twenty plus at least ten more! The line was too long for trading-in, so I decided to just look around a bit. Then I find they have the Dance Dance Revolution for X-Box for $20. A few minutes later I have a cart and several books on CD.  Then I find the Italian language section and the photography section. Now the cart has several more items in it. That's when I find the bargain fiction section. Oh MY!! It's like literary crack. 

But at least I got lots of fuel to stoke my imagination's fire. Hopefully it will overflow into my writing. Plus Riley is gonna LOVE DDR...can't wait to see her having fun. Maybe next time I'll actually get to trade in those books I was planning on getting rid of.

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