Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four

Day Four: Well, this could be a record for me. Today is January 5th and I've already gone through my file cabinet and cleaned out the previous year, made files for the new year, and have all the receipts and such put aside for doing my taxes. Quite remarkable. Now I am heading to the kitchen to cut up veggies for lunches. Then I will still have time for a nice hot bath and a little yoga before bed.  I am feeling really good about the changes happening so far. And I can honestly say I have not missed the tube yet. I did have a little pang last night when I heard the kids were watching Desperate Housewives...but then I realized how depressing the housewives and a lot of the other shows I used to watch could be. I loved CSI, House, Bones and all the crime shows. So much death and dismemberment surely is not good to fill your head with before you go to sleep, right?!

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