Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One

Day One: I'd asked my son to take away the TiVo while I was at work so I wouldn't have to be witness to the carnage. But of course he did not. So I was forced to witness the pulling of the plug. How very sad! And now there is a big empty hole where the TiVo used to sit. Both literally and figuratively.

I was communicating with and old friend from high school who has recently done her own plug pulling and it reminded me that in my childhood, tv was not a focal point. I watched cartoons on Saturday morning because that was the only time they were on. We had only 3 channels. (oh the horror) And I rarely watched tv at night, perhaps a couple of shows per week. My play time was mainly spent outside riding my bike around the neighborhood, roller skating (on metal wheels), jump roping, playing jacks, and just plain old using my imagination! In summertime we were outside sun up to sun down for the most part. And if we were inside we read books or played games. 

How did I go from that, to being so very addicted to the technology? I guess it doesn't really matter how I got here, just that I'm getting out. Maybe I can even recapture a little of that childhood imagination in the process! It's a bit dusty, but I think it still works.

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